6. Man Enough

WorldPride Pod Stage
WorldPride Pod Stage
6. Man Enough

Today’s featured podcast is Man Enough, a platform where masculinity is undefined and humanity is embraced. Man Enough is hosted by Justin Baldoni, and co-hosted by Jamey Heath and Liz Plank. 

In this episode, they speak to a living source of admiration and inspiration –Alok Vaid-Menon. Alok is an activist, writer, poet, forerunner of the current queering fashion movement, and to many queer people an absolute icon. Understanding intersectionality, feminism, the constructs, systems and aparatuses behind gender and its societal reinforcement and a call for love are all central topics in this episode. 

The episode was originally recorded on July 26, 2021 and distributed by Cadence 13.

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